Principal Equipments

Proactively Meeting Diverse Needs, Taking Initiatives to Needs

With facilities for hot forging, hammer forging, cross roll forging, upset forging, and even cold forging, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Forging Equipment Monthly Production Capacity Forging Equipment Monthly Production Capacity
35-ton counter blow hammer 1,000ton 12,800-ton screw press 1,600ton
10-ton drop hammer 650ton 4,000-ton crank press 800ton
4-ton drop hammer 350ton 3,500-ton crank press x 2 900ton
3-ton drop hammer 500ton 3,000-ton crank press 250ton
Cross roll x 2 550ton 1,600-ton crank press 200ton
7.5" upsetter 300ton Cold forging press (Erie) 150ton
5" upsetter 100ton Total of 13 lines 7,350ton

Production and Technology

Building Customer Trust through High-Quality Products

TDF Corporation currently produces 70% of the front axle I-beams used in Japan in truck front axles. These are designated as the critical safety parts of a truck's suspension system and, therefore, require a high degree of quality and reliability. In addition, we have a 15-line facility producing large (100+ kg) and small components (less than 1 kg), in either limited or mass production quantities, working daily to produce products to meet our customers' needs.

Research and Development

Beyond Standard Innovation

At TDF Corporation, we have developed a method called piercing, used for inserting holes in products that would normally require traditional hole punch machining. Our process works by extending the shaft component used for forging. We continually strive to bring such incremental improvements for customers, resulting in greater material yield and shorter lead times.