About TDF Corporation

TDF Corporation opened its doors as Japan's first private forging company in 1918, during the First World War. We have focused on the forging business ever since.
Our core activity is large, hot forged products, such as front axle I-beams (more than 40-100 kilograms in weight for commercial vehicles). We also manufacture and sell various forged and machined steel products, large and small, used in commercial and passenger vehicles, construction equipment, and industrial machinery.


At TDF Corporation, in addition to our broad range of forging equipment, we also possess equipment that can handle machining processes to supply parts according to customer requirements. In 2015, we implemented a cutting-edge automated press (a 12,800-ton screw press) and began production to supply our customers with more stable, high-quality front axle I-beams, large products that had previously been produced using traditional hammer forging equipment.

Company Overview

Company Name : TDF corporation

Head Office : 39,Honosaku,Murata-cho,Shibata-gun,Miyagi Prefecuture 989-1321,Japan
TEL +81(224)52-5411
FAX +81(224)52-5419

Tokyo Office : 1-8-27 Nissin Bldg.11F Kounnan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075,Japan
TEL +81(3)5715-6195
FAX +81(3)5715-6196

Date Founded : 11 April 1918
Paid-in Capital : 1,694,767,424yen
Principal Shareholders : IJT TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.

Principal Sales Items

  • Eye-beam Front axle
  • Steering knuckle
  • Knuckle arm
  • Axle shaft
  • Differential gear
  • Engine gear / Mission gear
  • Cam shaft
  • Connecting rod
  • Crankshaft

Principal Customers

  • I Metal Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Isuzu Motors Ltd.
  • Jidosha Buhin Kogyo Co.,Ltd
  • Toyota Motor Cororation
  • UD trucks CO., Ltd.
  • Nabtesco Corporation
  • Hino Motors.Ltd.

History of Company

1918 Established Tokyo Tankosho Corp. at Osaki-machi, Ebara-gun, Tokyo Prefecture (curreent Shinagawa-ku)as the first private dieforging company in Japan
1930 Reorganized as Tokyo Tankosyo Co.,Ltd
1931 Completion of Kawasaki factory
1949 Listed stocks on Tokyo Stock Exchange
1966 Transferred head office to Kawasaki factory
Consolidated Osaki factory to Kawasaki factory
1969 Established subsidiary company, Tokai Forging Industry Co.,Ltd.(current Tokai corporation)at Seki City, Gifu Prrefecture
1975 Completion of Miyagi factory
Consolidated the function of Kawasaki factory to Miyagi factory
1978 Established subsidiary company, Tohoku Seiko Co., Ltd at Zao-cho, Miyagi Prefecture
1990 Changed Company Name to TDF corporation
1994 Partcipated in the establishment of a joint venture IT Forging(Tailand)Co., Ltd.
2002 Transferred head office from Tokyo to Miyagi factory
2008 Acquired Tohoku Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
2013 Participated in the establishment of a joint venture PT.
TJForging Indonesia
Through the Share Transfer jointly with I Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. and jidosha Buhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Established IJT Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. as joint holding company(Listed on the section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)

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